History of The Members of the Lawmen Bristol

In 1972 Phil George and his wife Margaret along with Norman Hind, Ron Bishop John Perrett all enthusiast of the Old American West founded The Lawmen Bristol. Phil was well known for his extensive knowledge of the history of the Old West.

As the team researched and shared knowledge and passion for the Old American West they also would provide entertainment to the public being as authentic as possible, to relate a accurate and factual way of life of the 1860s to 1890s

The Taylor family were well known for their Native American history and dances, attended with Phil at Ashton Park School to give all day seminars, they would take various artefacts from the Old West for the pupils to see,
also being able to answer any questions put to them.

Phil giving history lesson at the American Museum Claverton, Bath   

Phil and the team had several visits to Tombstone Arizona one such visit was in 1981 the centenary year of the famous gunfight near the OK Coral, and revisited again in 1989.

Team members Tombstone 1989

The Tombstone Epitaph ran a feature with picture of the team.

In 1999 Phil passed away, he will be always be remembered for his passion and commitment to the team.

To day Phil’s picture is displayed in Big Nose Kate’s Saloon on Allen St Tombstone Arizona on the "Boot- Hill Gunslingers Hall of Fame Display Wall".

In 1998 prior to Phil’s passing Phil entrusted the team to Nigel Pearce better known to the Westerners as Chisum. Nigel has served the team with the same conviction and passion to this very date that Phil would have been proud of.